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Limestone crushing production line

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Release time: 17:24, March 14, 2020 issued by: Dongmeng Machinery Co., Ltd

Limestone crushing production line

Limestone crushing production line is a special stone processing production line for crushing limestone, limestone and other minerals with hardness. It can make limestone coarse or fine broken into stones of various sizes that meet the production requirements, with less over crushing phenomenon, which is conducive to the later deep processing of limestone.

There are two common plans for limestone crushing production line process, one is graded crushing, the other is one-time molding. These two configurations can be selected on demand, and professional engineers will plan the equipment configuration scheme for you.

The process of grading crushing is roughly as follows: materials are sent to jaw crusher for coarse crushing through vibrating feeder, and then continue to enter the secondary crushing equipment impact crusher for intermediate crushing and fine crushing treatment. After the coarse crushing materials are transported to the impact crusher, they are screened by circular vibrating screen, and the larger particles of limestone are returned to the impact crusher for re crushing, and the particle size is qualified It is graded and transported by conveyor belt to different storage piles for storage or directly transported to the construction site by truck.

The equipment configuration of one-time forming scheme is very simple, mainly using the heavy hammer crusher, single machine one-time molding, combined with vibrating screen screening, supplemented by vibrating feeder and belt conveyor, the whole production line can be completed. Compared with grading crushing, the configuration of one-time forming scheme is simpler, the working process is simplified, and the discharging efficiency of the production line is higher.

Scheme advantages of limestone crushing production line

The crushers used in the limestone crushing production line are basically percussion crushers, with uniform discharge particle shape, no excessive needle and flake materials, and no powder phenomenon. The discharge material is high-quality sand and stone materials that can be sold at high prices.

In terms of sand and stone, the grain shape is good

After the limestone crushing production line is equipped with impact crusher, the processed limestone product grain shape is mostly cube, which is helpful for the later deep processing of limestone;

The technological process is scientific and simple

The process flow of the production line is simple, and it is planned by professional engineers one-to-one, which is scientific and reasonable, runs smoothly, has high discharging efficiency and good sand quality;

The equipment configuration is reasonable and appropriate

The limestone crushing production line designed by Henan Hongxing machine has reasonable equipment configuration and reasonable equipment collocation, which is conducive to limestone crushing.

conceptual design

According to the environment, geology, climate, planning scientific and reasonable production line process design for customers, to achieve the commitment of pre-sale service, sales service and after-sales service.

Limestone crushing production line

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