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Granite crushing production line

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Release time: 17:24, June 21, 2020 issued by: Dongmeng Machinery Co., Ltd

Granite crushing production line

Granite crushing production line is one of the common production lines in gravel production. The crushing production line has high degree of automation, high crushing rate, energy saving and large output. The stone produced by the production line has uniform particle size and good grain shape, which is suitable for the construction of various large and medium-sized projects such as highway bridges. The design output of granite crushing production line is generally 50-800t / h. In order to meet the different processing needs of customers, cone crusher and dust removal equipment can be equipped.

Introduction to materials

Granite, the main component of the continental crust, is a kind of igneous rock formed by magma condensation below the earth's surface, mainly composed of feldspar and quartz. The unique physical characteristics of granite and its beautiful patterns make it a good material for architecture. Besides being used in architectural decoration engineering and hall floor, granite can also be used for open-air carving..


Main production process

The raw material is preliminarily broken by jaw crusher; secondly, the coarse material produced is transported by the belt conveyor to the fine crusher (fine crushing impact crusher) for further crushing; then, the fine crushed stone is screened into the vibrating screen and separated into three different sizes of stones and stones, and the oversized stones are returned to the impact crusher and broken again.

Granite crushing production line

Advantages of production line

The production cost of the whole production line is low. In general, the traditional granite crushing production line needs a lot of water for sand washing, which increases the input of water resources to a certain extent, while the production line does not need water investment, which reduces the investment of capital to a certain extent. In addition, the production line is stable in operation, high in production efficiency, short in recovery cycle and low in investment risk, which is worthy of investment by users.

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