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Dolomite crushing production line

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Release time: 17:24, May 21, 2020 issued by: Dongmeng Machinery Co., Ltd

Dolomite crushing production line

Dolomite is an important component of dolomite. It is associated with gypsum, halite and other minerals. It is grayish white, brown after weathering, and has a certain glass luster. After reasonable processing, it can be used as glass flux, fertilizer, decorative stone, cement raw materials, etc
Crushing processing is one of the necessary stages for dolomite comprehensive utilization. Through the design of reasonable crushing production line, the full separation of minerals can be realized. So what are the equipment of dolomite crushing production line? What is the process flow?

Dolomite crushing production line equipment

The equipment of dolomite crushing production line is relatively simple, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc. these equipment have their own characteristics and play an important role and function in the production line.

1. Jaw crusher:

the function of the equipment is to complete the preliminary rough processing of dolomite. It uses the mutual extrusion and splitting between the moving and fixed jaw plates to realize the coarse crushing of stone. It is one of the common and common crushers in the crushing industry. It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, good quality, long service life, high efficiency, large output, adjustable particle size, good effect and small investment And so on.

Jaw crusher

2. Impact crusher:

After the broken jaw, the equipment is used for medium and fine crushing and shaping processing of coarse crushed dolomite particles. The crushed stone grain shape is beautiful, the texture is uniform, the impurities are small, the grading is reasonable, and at the same time, the appearance is beautiful, the quality is reliable, the failure is reduced, the efficiency is high and energy saving, the cost is low, pollution-free, low energy consumption and so on.

Impact crusher

3. Vibrating feeder:

The function of the equipment is to feed dolomite material evenly and quantitatively into the crusher. It has stable vibration, low noise, low power consumption, reliable operation and long service life. It is an ideal feeding equipment choice.

Vibrating feeder

4. Circular vibrating screen:

After crushing dolomite stone to be reasonable screening treatment, here you need to use a circular vibrating screen, its screening efficiency is high, easy to maintain, strong and durable, safe to use, the overall effect is very good.

Circular vibrating screen

5. Belt conveyor:

The equipment is equivalent to the connecting part of the whole production line, and is used to complete the stone conveying operation. Its operation is high-speed, stable and reliable, with strong conveying capacity, long distance, easy maintenance and convenient use.

Process flow of dolomite crushing production line

The process of dolomite crushing production line generally goes through two stages: coarse crushing and medium fine crushing
1. Coarse crushing: large pieces of dolomite materials after blasting and mining are evenly sent to jaw crusher for preliminary crushing and processing by vibrating feeder, and then screened reasonably by circular vibrating screen, and unqualified stones are sent back to jaw crusher for re crushing;
2. Medium fine crushing: under the action of belt conveyor, the qualified dolomite crushed materials are quantitatively and orderly sent to the impact crusher for crushing, and the same is screened by the vibrating screen. The stones with too large particles return to the impact crusher to continue crushing, and the stones meeting the conditions will be transported to the finished material area.

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