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Construction waste crushing production line

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Release time: 17:24, January 25, 2020 issued by: Dongmeng Machinery Co., Ltd

Construction waste crushing production line

Process introduction

In order to better meet the needs of urban modernization and turn urban construction waste into treasure, scientific researchers in eastern Mongolia finally successfully launched a complete set of construction waste treatment equipment. The whole set of equipment of the production line is of crawler mobile configuration, and the operation site can be flexibly changed according to the requirements. It is very convenient to transfer the equipment without disassembly and assembly.

Construction waste crushing production line before and after sand making

Construction waste crushing production line before and after sand making

Construction waste crushing production line is mainly used to realize the recycling of cheap and easily available construction waste. The products produced can be widely used in non burning brick, road foundation, construction and other industries, which provides a new development idea for urban construction on the road of virtuous cycle.

Pictures of the scene

Pictures of the scene

Advantages of construction waste crushing production line

The investment prospect of the construction waste crushing production line is very good. The project has been strongly supported by the government. Moreover, the existing crushing technology has been improved and upgraded as a whole, and the integration of mechanization and automation is very perfect. The existing construction waste crushing technology has been very mature.

So there are several advantages

Government encourages environmental protection economy

Using recycled raw materials to process renewable products will get the government's tax support, which will bring considerable economic benefits. In addition, there will be relevant subsidies for construction waste crushing. Whether from the perspective of profit or from the perspective of humanities, the construction waste crushing is very promising;

Saving land and protecting environment

It can save landfill cost and a large amount of land for landfill, reduce environmental pollution, and stack construction waste on site, which will affect the city appearance, occupy a certain space, and waste land resources. The mixed concrete block, steel bar and other resources can not be effectively used, which will cause waste of resources;

In line with sustainable development strategy

Reducing the exploitation of natural sand and gravel, diversifying the processing of artificial sand and stone, resource reuse not only protects natural resources and human living environment, but also is beneficial to environmental improvement.

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