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Bluestone crushing solution

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Release time: 17:24, March 26, 2020 issued by: Dongmeng Machinery Co., Ltd

Bluestone crushing solution

Brief introduction of stone characteristics

Bluestone is a widely distributed sedimentary rock mineral. Its main component is calcium carbonate, which is in the shape of gray or gray white block or strip. Bluestone has the advantages of wear resistance, weathering resistance, no pollution, no radiation and so on. Its use value is very high. It can be widely used in highway, railway, construction sand and other fields.


What are the equipments of Qingshi crushing production line

Dongmeng Qingshi crushing production line has reasonable design and smooth process. The production line includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc.

1. Jaw crusher - coarse crushing

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the most widely used and earliest used crushing equipment. It has strong adaptability to materials and is very conducive to the crushing and processing of bluestone. The crusher has deep crushing chamber, large crushing space, large allowable feeding amount of bluestone, and large crushing force. Moreover, the finished products of bluestone broken by the equipment have good effect, high quality, uniform particle size and cubic shape.
The working principle of jaw crusher is to extrude and crush materials through the change of the angle between the elbow plate and the moving jaw. This working principle can not only ensure the output of material crushing, but also effectively reduce the wear rate of equipment components. The equipment has a very good effect.

2. Impact crusher -- fine crushing

Impact crusher

Impact crusher crushing strength is also very large, the machine is mainly suitable for crushing medium or medium hardness materials. The impact crusher mainly uses impact energy to crush materials. The equipment is equipped with multi-stage crushing chamber to crush materials, which can be recycled to crush high quality and high quantity.
The Red Star impact crusher has unique design, compact and reasonable structure. The rotor of the equipment has a very large moment of inertia, and the crushing effect of the equipment is also very good. What's more, the gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer can be adjusted manually, which is convenient and flexible. It can effectively control the discharge particle size and fully meet the production needs of customers.

3. Vibrating feeder - feeding function

Vibrating feeder

Vibration feeder is also known as the feeder, the main role of the equipment is to continuously and evenly feed bluestone materials to the crusher, but also has a screening effect on materials. Dongmeng vibrating feeder is stable in operation, stable in vibration and low in noise. It has high efficiency, energy saving and superior production automation performance.

4. Vibrating screen -- screening function

Vibrating screen

The vibrating screen is mainly used to screen the bluestone by using the complex rotating vibration produced by the vibrator. Generally, the vibrating screen has three screening layers. The materials screened out from the first layer are unqualified materials, and the second and third layers are qualified materials. The next production process can be started. Dongmeng vibrating screen has many screening specifications, good screening effect, convenient operation and high degree of automation, so it is widely used in many fields.

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