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Basalt macadam production line

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Release time: 17:24, September 2, 2020 issued by: ASEAN Machinery Co., Ltd

Basalt macadam production line

Basalt, mainly composed of oceanic crust, belongs to basic volcanic rock. It is the main component of the earth's oceanic crust and the moon's sea, and also an important component of the earth's continental crust and the moon's land. In 1546, G. Agricola first used the word basalt to describe the black rocks in Saxony, Germany. The word basalt in Chinese is quoted from Japanese. Japan found black olivine basalt in the Xuanwu cave in Hyogo County, hence the name.

1、 Physical and mechanical properties and application of basalt

Basalt is a kind of basic rock with dense cryptocrystalline structure, 510: content of 45-52%; specific gravity of 2.8-3.ogle cubic; elastic modulus of 8-12xl, less MPa; Poisson's ratio of 0.1 edge, 3; 5, compressive strength of 150-300mpa; tensile strength of 100-300mp; A the shear strength performance is 20-26m. From the above physical and mechanical properties of basalt, it can be seen that the basalt is not only hard in texture, but also reliable in anti-wear, compression and anti-skid performance. The performance is higher than the requirements of GB Ting 14685-93 "pebbles and gravel for building", and the performance fully meets the aggregate performance required by the "test code for asphalt commercial concrete of high grade highway", and the gravel produced by basalt is high The excellent aggregate of expressway, high-speed railway and high-grade commercial concrete are widely used in asphalt commercial concrete of expressway pavement.

2、 Design scheme of basalt macadam production line

The technical specification of basalt macadam production line is determined according to the landform and production technology of the market, the requirements for gravel parameters and shape as well as the physical and mechanical properties of basalt according to the specification requirements. The key machinery of the whole production line is the integral crushing machine, which depends on the product quality and processing capacity. Therefore, the selection of the whole crushing machine is the step and location of the whole production line, The selection of the rest of the machinery depends on its matching.

(1) Type selection of integral crushing machinery

According to the physical and mechanical properties of basalt and the performance of various rock crushers, there are jaw crusher, cone stone crusher, heavy hammer crusher and gyratory rock crusher that can more efficiently crush basalt. According to the specifications and requirements for the parameters and shapes of crushed stones, the types that can meet the requirements are cone crusher and heavy hammer crusher. However, due to the small capacity of heavy hammer crushing, large wear and high power consumption, it is generally only used in small-scale slag plants. Therefore, the hydraulic cone-shaped rock crusher as the integral crushing machine of the whole production line is relatively excellent.

(2) Model selection of primary crushing machine and feeding screening and classifying machine

According to the performance of the multi cylinder hydraulic crusher, we can infer the performance of the matching secondary crusher: that is, the crushing outlet parameters are very large and can not be greater than 250px, the shape is not limited, and the processing capacity is not less than 12h. According to the performance requirements and the performance of the stone crusher and the stone mining parameters of the use environment, pe600x900 jaw crusher is selected. At this time, according to the crushing capacity of all levels, according to the products It is required to select three sets of supporting 3yk-2160 screening machine and three sets of 800x12500, 500x10000 conveying systems and three sets of 500x1000 mobile conveying systems.

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